Live a #PingPongLifeStyle
and create connections beyond the table

Live a #PingPongLifeStyle
and create connections beyond the table

Live a #PingPongLifeStyle
and create connections beyond the table

Live a #PingPongLifeStyle
and create connections beyond the table

Our Project

Miami TTC
Our project was born from the desire to create a space in Miami for everyone to play and practice this wonderful sport, regardless if you call it Table Tennis or Ping Pong. No matter your age, gender, size or skill level, our Club will have a place for you! 



Ramsés and Henry come from very different Ping Pong backgrounds. Ramsés learned to play as a kid with his family and friends, and learned to appreciate the game as a tool to form family traditions and create connections. Henry took his Ping Pong to another level, developing enough skill in the sport to compete in the highest performance tournaments in the world and had the opportunity to dedicate 100% of his time to this wonderful sport. However, they had one thing in common, they both had A LOT of fun learning and playing. Destiny joined Ramsés and Henry in Miami, and together they are building the most exciting Ping Pong project in the City. 

Ping Pong is a social tool that helps create incredible experiences and connections! Whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends, or if you are looking to do something different and fun with members of your organization for team building, Miami Table Tennis Club will help you organize an unforgettable event customizable to your needs and objectives. 

Our benefits

Full Comfort for Members

  • 7 ITTF Competition Table Tennis Tables Our tables guarantee the best experience possible when playing the sport.
  • Professional Coaches The BEST coaches in South Florida, with incredible resumes and attitudes to share their knowledge.
  • Club Tournaments We organize the best tournament experiences in Miami, to give the opportunity to our players to show their skills.
  • Various Club Locations Choose the most convenient location for you to practice the sport you love.
  • Open Play Opportunities Access to play with other club members during all hours of operation.
  • Special Discounts on Equipment Get special discounts on all Cornilleau tables and any sponsored table tennis equipment available at the club.


Open Play
Open play is offered for players that just want to come and play with other club members.Read More
Group Classes
Group classes are offered to players starting 7 years and are grouped by a combination of skill level and age.Read More
We host regular USATT sanctioned tournaments that allow players to compete by age or by their rating. Read More

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“Anyone from every skill level would benefit from coming to this club; as over the course of the past year, I've observed significant improvements not only for myself but also for my kids. The coaches and the trainers are the best in the industry, and we are thankful that they care about our progress. Highly recommended club for having a good time and improving pingpong skills”.

Alper Uygur
Player and Parent - Doral

“I am very happy and thankful with the help and attention that we get from the club’s staff. They have helped me level up my skills and they've boosted my confidence enough to join my first South Florida tournament. I highly recommend the club to players of any skill level”.

Simon Choren
Player - Miami Springs

“Very friendly and interactive coaches. I’ve made great friends with other members and feel like I’ve improved greatly as a result from joining this club!”.

Ilan Vizcaya
Player - Miami Springs

“I am highly grateful to the great Miami Table Tennis team for their great work, commitment and dedication in teaching my son Alessandro to play, who started without any knowledge, and already attends competitions achieving several wins, in such a short time. He is very happy to belong to the academy. I recommend it 100%”.

Yilka Lamartino
Parent - Doral

“I have been in the club for 6 months and both the classes and the atmosphere are excellent. Every day I improve in the sport and I have a lot of fun. I congratulate the team and wish much success to this table tennis club, you are excellent professionals. I am very grateful”.

Pablo Peraza
Player - Doral

“I have been a member of the club since its beginnings in 2019. I came back after a long break. It's a great time to share with other people our pleasure to play. They have the best training team!”.

Dennys Lopez
Player - Doral

“I am very proud to belong to this tremendous Table Tennis club along my two daughters!”.

Ovadi Aleman
Player and Parent - Doral

“Without a doubt, Miami Table Tennis Club has been an inexplicable experience, with highly trained coaches, vital for the learning and growth in this sport. Recommended 1000%”.

Florymar Ortega
Player - Miami Springs